PGA and USGA to Start Tee It Forward Initiative

The PGA of America and the United States Golf Association have partnered up to help golfers have a more enjoyable experience on the golf course.

The “Tee it Forward” initiative has been set up to enhance the golfing experience by encouraging golfers to play a golf course at a length that is aligned with the average driving distance of the golfer. By playing at a set of tees best suited for a golfers abilities, golfers will have more fun and want to play more often. It will also speed up the pace of play because golfers will be taking less shots and will get onto the green quicker.

The program will be promoted at several different PGA and LPGA tour events over the next few months, including the Senior PGA Championship, the U.S. Open in June, and the U.S. Women’s Open in July.

Photo courtesy of The PGA of America and the USGA

Photo courtesy of The PGA of America and the USGA

Barney Adams is the founder of Adams Golf and was the one who came up with the idea. He figured that not only would it give golfers the ability to play from distances that is best suited for their abilities, but it also gives them the chance to see what it would feel like if a professional played the course they are on.

According to Adams, the 6,700 yard course that most amateurs play golf on is equivalent to a PGA player playing on a course with a distance of about 8,100 yards, or 700 yards longer than the longest course on the PGA Tour.

Local golf legend Jack Niclaus is one of the biggest supporters of the new “Tee it Up” initiative. “I love the game of golf but I will be the first to tell you that there are things about our game we need to improve,” the North Palm Beach resident said. “Now The PGA of America and the USGA have come together to develop ways to that can make the game more attractive and more enjoyable.  Tee It Forward is the first of many initiatives we have discussed together, and I think families around the country will enjoy alternate formats like this to make the game more fun.”

The USGA and the PGA of America will introduce the new initiative nationwide from July 5-17. For more information on the “Tee it Forward” initiative and to see what distance you should be playing at based on your average tee shot, visit

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