Joan Rivers Comes to Weston

Joan Rivers, who came up with the show “How’d You Get So Rich”, found her inspiration in the beautiful city of Weston, Florida. Specifically, one of Weston’s residents – Jamie McDonnell, 46 – who transformed himself from a cocaine addict into a self-made entrepreneur.

Rivers believes that McDonnell’s story exemplifies the American lifestyle. During his feature episode, his Windmill Ranch Estates 10,000 square foot home looms above him, a true tribute to his monumental success. With a total of 6 bedrooms and 11 cars parked in his garage, three of which are a Lamborghini, Bentley, and a Rolls Royce, McDonnell is living the American dream.

At the age of 25, McDonnell emerged from a four year stay in rehab, ready to help sell one of his brother’s inventions in New York City. He was a recovering cocaine addict and had failed the 9th grade. Selling his brother’s invention, which detected microwave leaks, however, gave McDonnell just the push he needed in the right direction. Inspiration struck, and he was on his way to success  in the form of safety kits used to detect mold, lead, and pesticides in water.

These kits, which are sold and distributed in nine different countries, produce revenues of over $200 million a year. Since, McDonnell has expanded his horizons as owner of a magazine, advertising company, plumbing business, and restaurants.

His wife, Rebecca, is very proud, attributing her husband’s success to good old-fashioned hard work. But not only does he work hard, he also gives back to the community, donating to the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA.

Weston Town Center features many of McDonnell’s business successes, including East City Grill, Azul Bar and Lounge, Libation Wine and Spirits, Del Vecchio’s Pizzeria, Stop Burger, in addition to local magazine ‘Think Weston’ and Windmill Advertising Group.

“How’d You Get So Rich” is a realty show focused around classic rags-to-riches stories. These are self-made successes through hard work and drive, as opposed to those born into wealth. The series’ second season begins May 5th at 10pm, showcasing Jamie McDonnell’s home in Weston, as well as his story of success.

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