Ibis Country Club: Nearby Sweet Stops

Sloan’s is an ice cream parlor located only in Palm Beach County! Which makes all us Palm Beach Countians very lucky. While most people outside the area have never heard of Sloan’s, it still managed to be ranked #4 Most Unique Ice Cream Parlor in the country and #10 by the Travel Channel for Top Best Bathrooms in the World. Though I have yet to see the wonders of this bathroom in person, apparently it has clear glass doors that look right into the parlor. As soon as you turn the door handle, the glass becomes opaque. This all happens because there are a bunch of polymer and liquid crystals between the door panels. An electrical current keeps the crystals in place and the glass see-through. When someone goes inside and locks the door, the current is interrupted, the crystals fall, and the glass becomes clouded. People come from all over to behold this marvelous bathroom! The closest Sloan’s to Ibis Country Club is located in City Place, just minutes away.

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For more information about Ibis, please contact:

Laurie Nugent
PGA National Specialist
Waterfront Properties & Club Communities
11891 US Highway 1, Suite 104, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408
Office Phone:   (561) 626-7272
Mobile Phone: (561) 254-0520
E-Fax Number: (561) 626-7207

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