Having a Ball on the Golf Course

Having a Ball on the Golf Course

If you’re a golf fanatic or enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that a golf course provides, then living in a home on a golf course may be your “Home Sweet Home.”

It doesn’t get any better than buying a home on a course where you enjoy playing. Not only does a home on a golf course provide you with easy access to your favorite sport, it will also give you some great views of incredible scenery.

Some golfing neighborhoods are designed so that homes blend into the beautifully landscaped golf course.

For some living within a golfing community also provides all the golfing amenities such as a clubhouse, restaurants, pro shops, pools, hot tubs and tennis courts.

The low-density and natural surrounding communities are ideal for the right residents. Residents in a golfing community also enjoy picnic/jogging areas and meeting halls for a myriad of lifestyle options.

Residing in a golfing community is very much like living in an urban home in suburban surroundings.

Since golf courses require a great deal of land, the houses on them usually don’t have to deal with noise and usual disruptions of city dwelling.

City life will be far behind you when you sit out on your patio, many if not all of the homes on a golf course, are designed to show of breath-taking views of the greens. Greens that someone else has to take care of outside of the boundaries of your own backyard.

And unlike some communities, you aren’t sharing a backyard with your neighbors. Neighbors are often across the fairway.

While these factors are great for golf course living, if you love playing the sport, it just doesn’t get any better than owning a home on a golf course. You don’t have to drive to the course!

If you have children many golf courses like to promote the sport by allowing children who live on the course to play at a young age.

So not only can you play, but your children as well. If you don’t want to play, sit back relax and watch golfers giving it their best shot.


  1. How Can I Get a House

    Just like you said, a golf course is a great way to get a bigger “backyard” if you live in an area where homes tend to be crammed together. My mom and dad live in a planned golf course community where there isn’t a lot of yard space, but the gold course they look out on makes the backyard feel a lot more spacious. Even better, they don’t have to mow the grass!

  2. Pierre Visual Studio

    I just love golf!!!

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