Frenchmans Creek: Nearby Bookstore

Barnes & Noble, located near Frenchmans Creek in Palm Beach Gardens, is the top stop if you have the urge to read! They have everything from classics to new releases, and the clerks there are very knowledgeable and friendly. The first thing to notice when you come in is the brand new Nook stand. Here, you can learn about the new Nook e-reader and even test one out for yourself. Walk straight ahead past the Nook stand and you’ll end up at the coffee shops, where they proudly serve Starbucks coffee, as well as desserts from the ultra-delicious Cheesecake Factory. The pumpkin cheesecake, for example, is only in season during certain times of the year, and sometimes Barnes and Noble gets it before the actual restaurant does! The coffee shop also has sandwiches and other snacks, plus a dining area to sit and chat and eat. Many people bring their laptops. It’s also a great meeting spot to catch up with friends. There are four extremely comfortable armchairs near the right of the store that you can practically melt into. These are almost always taken. If that’s the case, try the two by the window next to the coffee shop. Sometimes people overlook those. Relaxing music will be played overhead, though not at a distracting volume. If you’re looking for a DVD, the DVD store is located on the store’s right. On the store’s left are the bathrooms, children’s area, and reading accessories like journals and wooden statues.

Frenchmans Creek Homes

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