Top Renovations to Help Hurricane Proof Your Home

With hurricane season here, it is important to make sure your home is safe from a storm that might hit the Jupiter area. Here are some of the top renovations that you can do to your home to make sure that it is protected.

iStock_000016581071XSmallTake care of your doors and windows– When it comes to hurricane proofing your home, you can’t spend money any better than by protecting your doors and windows. Things like hurricane proof glass and shutters that run on tracks are must haves.

Fasten your roof– In some areas roof fasteners are mandatory. Even if they aren’t required, they offer a great way to protect your roof and home against strong winds. Your roof is susceptible to things like leaks, lifting, or even sliding out of place. If that were to happen, you home would be completely exposed to the elements.

Replace or brace your garage door– Large areas like garages can act like a vacuum when there are high winds. Replacing or bracing your garage door will increase the odds of it standing up to the wind and avoiding major damage.

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