Real Estate Through Google Glasses

Google Glasses Real Estate
People just can’t seem to grasp how Google Glass can be effective with their real estate business. But the truth is there are a variety of benefits and advantages that Google Glass can afford real estate professionals. Here is a list of the top ways Google Glass can benefit your real estate business.

  1. A realtor with Google Glass can stream virtual tours with clients and interact live together discussing what is being viewed through a hangout.
  2. A homebuyer with Google Glass can drive around communities locating homes for sale and review listing information and even watch a virtual tour on the spot.
  3. A homebuyer can capture images and videos of homes that they view to review or share later.
  4. Both potential buyers and realtors can use one of Google Glass’s staging applications to show a certain homes potential.
  5. Facial recognition technology makes it easy to verify that a realtor is meeting the right person when showing a home to a new client.
  6. A realtor can show and discus documents with remote clients.
  7. A realtor can develop and draw up a floor plan just by scanning different areas in a home.
  8. A realtor can bring up information on neighbors, details of their homes, and city assessment information just by looking at the property.

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