Manatee Season Is Here!


Throughout the year you can see manatees roam all over South Florida. However, sightings become easier and more frequent during the months from November the Manatee Awareness Month through until April. The majestic beauty and sheer magic of these gentle giants are sure to exceed any and all of your expectations.

Due to the cold temperatures that bring colder waters to South Florida during these months Manatees tend to travel inland to find warmer waters like freshwater springs and other places where the waters stay more constant year round. This is due to the fact that despite their size they have very little body fat and need warmer waters to survive and flourish. This provides people out boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding with the perfect opportunity to spot these wonderful creatures. But be careful because catching a glimpse of a large group of manatees in one place can be very thrilling. So just remember to mind your “Manatee Manners” and understand that these gentle see cows are there in order to survive. So please enjoy looking but try not to disturb them.

November is Manatee Awareness Month and from November through April it is very important that you obey any and all speed zones in order to keep our beloved manatee sanctuaries protected and safe. Be sure to become familiar with the rules Florida has for boating these waterways during this time of year. Always keep your vessels away from manatee sanctuaries and be sure to anchor in a safe place when manatee watching. Help us as we concentrate our efforts in amplifying and protecting the healthy habitats needed for South Florida’s growing manatee population.