Jupiter Island, Sanctuary for Loggerhead Turtles

As a barrier island on Florida’s east coast, Jupiter Island is a major marine turtle nesting beach. The loggerhead is the most common sea turtle found there.  It has a reddish brown shell and is named for its large head which supports powerful jaws allowing it to feed on hard shelled prey such as whelks and conch.  The adult loggerhead can weigh up to 350 lbs. and reach 36″ in length.  The nesting season begins in May and extends through August with nesting occurring primarily at night.  Female loggerheads usually nest from one to seven times per season depositing 100 to 125 eggs per nest.  Incubation in Florida is generally between 55 to 60 days.  Typically the hatchlings emerge at night.

One of the major threats to the loggerhead turtles’ survival is the loss of nesting habitat from coastal development and and commercial fishing techniques.  In Florida, major nest protection efforts are underway for the most important nesting areas which includes Jupiter Island. Aside from lighting ordinances which prohibit bright lights on the exterior of residences along the ocean,  Jupiter Island code does not allow any beach replenishment during the nesting season.  The hope is that these combined efforts coupled with stricter commercial fishing regulations will help arrest the decline of the loggerhead population in Southeast Florida.


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