The Fabulous Stone Crab Season Has Arrived!


Yes, that is right the fabulous Stone Crab season has arrived in South Florida and it will be open through May the 15th. Stone Crab season is open for commercial and recreational fishermen alike. People are flooding the state and federal waters off of South Florida for the opportunity to hunt and catch one of the most delicious crustaceans there is. Stone Crab fishing is a sustainable resource in Florida because crabbers are only permitted to harvest one claw per crab, which will then regenerate as time goes on.

Experts hope for a great harvest this year and foresee more than a 2.6 million pound harvest that has been averaged over the past ten years. Commercial Stone Crab fishermen expect a high demand for this delicacy this year and forecast higher prices during the beginning of the season. With per-pound retail prices predicted to exceed $13 for medium claws, $20 for large claws, and $25 for jumbo claws.

However, if you plan on joining in on the fun there are a strict set of rules and regulations that you should be familiar with. To start you need to use bated traps no hook or spear fishing is allowed and when you catch a Stone Crab the claws may be removed and kept but you must throw the rest back. Claws must be at least 2¾ inches in length to be harvested and egg-bearing females cannot be de-clawed. For more info on the South Florida Stone Crab season and all of its rules and regulations please check it out here for Florida’s Rules & Regulations.

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